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- Est. 1991 -


At 25 years old, Jimmy Bowskill is a world class virtuoso.  It is a line that you hear time and time again from his musical peers, many life long veterans of the music scene. His professional career started at age 11 when discovered by Jeff Healey.  He has toured the world with The Jimmy Bowskill Band, has released 5 critically acclaimed albums and has shared the stage and billings with the likes of Jeff Beck, ZZ Top, Johnny Winter, Jimmie Vaughan, Robert Cray, Bruce Cockburn etc.



These days Jimmy has been touring the world as guitarist for Canadian Rock Group "The Sheepdogs" as well as focussing on his solo career. Jim plays all the instruments on his  latest release (accept for a couple of guest featured tracks).  His solo show is a powerful one that is great for Blues, Folk or Roots Festivals and bookings.  It features Jim playing several instruments (various guitars, slide, mandolin, fiddle and viola) all accompanied by his "perfect pitch" vocals. The show is suitable for a set of music at a festival, or an entire evening at your venue.


Jim is available for session work, specializing on Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Stand Up or Electric Bass, Mandolin, Fiddle and Pedal Steel.  Other instruments possible at your request. Jim is also comfortable producing as well. He had an opportunity to produce a song with the legendary engineer/producer multiple Grammy Award Winner Jim Gaines. Jim has worked with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana, John Lee Hooker etc. As they were working together Gaines looked at Bowskill and said "You are pretty comfortable in here man, you should be producing your own records."





What makes Jim such a great artist to book is that he can adapt his set/evening to the booking. If you want a pure Blues set (his original love in music) he can deliver straight ahead great Blues all night long.  He can also deliver a set which mixes Roots music on his Mandolin, Fiddle, Viola, Acoustic and Electric Guitars. Everytime Jim plays, he gives it his all, one of the most powerful, passionate performers you will ever witness. He has a professional, easy going attitued and is an absolute pleasure to work with. A guaranteed tried and true professional performer for your festival or venue/booking.


Sample promo video of Jim in the studio.


I'm Gone: Original solo Blues song written by Jimmy Bowskill.

Long Hot Summer Days: Jimmy Solo on Viola covering John Hartford's classic-Powerful performance.


Rough mixes from Jim's latest release:


Everything is going to be alright



Way she goes



For bookings, TV appearances, public appearances and performances, interviews, session work, full bio, more pics or any info on Jimmy Bowskill contact his manager James Jones (613-757-1602, by chance).  I check my email daily (preferred contact) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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