Blues and Concert Promotions

- Est. 1991 -

I met Jimmy on a gig with Lou Moore and Alec Fraser. We quickly introduced ourselves to each other, talked for a few minutes, tuned our banjos, fiddles and mandolins and we got onstage. The band was on fire that night! The groove was perfect and fast was really fast!! Jimmy was amazing throughout! We had a great night of music, and made our bond based on a great night of musical conversation from opposite ends of the stage; eclipsed by the very planetary Alec Fraser and Lou Moore blocking our view of each other. We picked all night for a packed crowd and then Jimmy and I jammed for another half hour on two mandolins. We traded business cards and left it at that. That’s how much I know about Jimmy.


Cannonball Rag Promo Video by The Beauts featuring Jimmy Bowskill-Great Instrumental


Ice Covered Bridges Promo Video by The Beauts featuring Jimmy Bowskill-Great Harmonies



Jimmy Bowskill has taken a new turn in what has already been an amazing career. We all know the man can deliver hardcore Blues in a mainline to your soul. He’s Bonafide; recognized by a peers like Jeff Beck. That’s clear. Well, Jimmy’s now on to bluegrass. I guess I am not surprised. Blues and bluegrass have very certain roots.


The father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe, developed his sound through his many family members and their music. When Bill was just old enough to venture off the property, he found Arnold Schultz, a black Bluesman who played the guitar and fiddle. Monroe spent many years working with Arnold Schultz, playing barn dances, and socials. Monroe, who would go on to fame as a mandolin player; performed on guitar while Schultz played fiddle. Schultz also taught Monroe a deep appreciation for the blues; clear evidence of the blues runs throughout Monroe’s hundreds of songs and tunes, his mandolin style and his singing. Blues and bluegrass grew up together. The two are inseparable.


Jimmy’s interest in bluegrass is to be expected. He already displays a lot of the same principles in his music that are essential in bluegrass. Having high standards for one’s timing, taste, and note choices will get you far in the bluegrass crowd. Like all good bluegrass pickers, he loves the melody and strives to make the words land in your lap when he takes a solo. His mandolin playing is riveting and free of any clichés. He understands the roots of it all, and he always respects the roots but it’s Jimmy making all the artistic choices. Of course he sings; and he loves the good bluegrass songs! It’s a sonic feast!


Hey Jimmy! You need a banjo picker, you give me call. Chris Quinn, Foggy Hogtown Boys – Oct 6, 2015.


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